Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tablet case

This year at school they gave us tablets in addition to our new laptops. However, they failed to give us a case for it 😒. It has been sitting in my bag (I honestly haven't used it much), and I'm afraid I'll end up scratching it. Then I'd have to pay for bueno. So, I decided to make a case since I can sew and all 😃.

This is what I came up with for one side.Purple is generally not my go-to color (unless we're talking about LSU-themed stuff), but our school colors are purple and white so I went with that. I'm currently obsessed with grey (which is totally new for me), and I love this Kona Cotton Steel color! I used scraps for the purple and then of course I love to set stuff off with white. It makes it look crisp!

I was going to do straight line quilting like the wine snuggie, but at the last minute I decided to just do my go-to my organic wavy lines. I used white Aurifil 50w thread and then went back it and did lines in Aurifil grey (#2605) between the white lines.

I really like how the grey looks a bit invisible in some parts. I wasn't sure if I gone a little overboard on the quilting because I was afraid you couldn't see the purple enough. Then I put it on the design wall and stepped back...and it looked fine.

After much indecisiveness, I went with polka-dots on the back. I used my sizzix dies on fabric that I had backed with Heat n' bond lite. I really prefer the ultra hold version of the Heat n' bond over the lite but I am out of it. I did the same quilting pattern as the other side, except some areas look a little weird since I was purposely trying to quilt into the circles to secure them The quilting on the other side definitely looks better! And I realized I should have increased my stitch length...but oh well!

I reaffirmed my feelings about the Heat n' Bond lite when I noticed that some of the edges of the circles that had not been quilted over were sticking up...even when I went back and ironed over them again. Grrrr. I will probably drive me a little crazy and may have to whip out some fabric glue later. Oh well...

So here it all is put together:

Again, for winging a pattern, I'm pretty happy about the way it came out! This was also my first time ever to sew a zipper that wraps around the corner. It really wasn't that bad at all! To help, I used the Creative Grids Curved Corner Ruler which is amazeballs! I estimated how wide I needed the case and then cut the corners at a 2" radius.

My tablet fits perfectly! I did a ton of quilting and used a really low loft batting so it's not super cushy, but it will keep it from getting scratched (which was my main goal!).

I'm pretty jazzed about this project. I may even make another for my coworker.

Until later, happy sewing!

Wine Snuggie

My cousin and his fiancé had an engagement party last weekend, and I wasn't sure what to do about a gift. I wanted to make something that was small (I didn't have time for something large anyway!), and I wanted it to be something they used.

So I decided on a wine carrier since I know she likes fancy drinks and goes over to her friends' houses often to socialize. I've never made one before so I just winged it without a pattern (as usual)! It I have to say, it was pretty simple. I think the hardest part was figuring out where to put the handle. 

Since they are young and hip, I went with a modern-looking colors combo...I've been trying to be brave with color. I decided on Kona cotton steel for the main part, along with white, orange, and ice Frappe. I had the darker greenish color in my stash already so I'm not sure what color it was. 

I decided on some straight line quilting and just changed direction. I used aurifil 50w thread - grey (#2605) on the kona steel and then just white on the rest of it.

At first I was going to do a round bottom, but I ran out of time. So, I went with a straight bottom. 

I actually kind of like the way that the bottom came out. It looks like a wine bottle snuggie!

Overall, I'm VERY happy at the way this turned out! I love its modern clean look!

In hind-site, I realized two things. One - I wish I would have chosen LSU colors (purple and yellow). They are both LSU alumni (like myself) and love LSU stuff. Doh! Two - I think a vertical strip of color would work better on this design rather than a horizontal because the left and the right side didn't quite match up in the back (but you don't get to see that!). 

I'd definitely make one of these again! I've actually had requests from some friends for one.

Until later, happy sewing!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Two Baby Girl Quilty Gifts

My husband's circle of friends is currently having a baby boom. I posted last time about how I made the baby quilt for Kelly. I love how that came out, but that was a hot mess and took forever. Right about the same time I was finishing that up, I had another baby shower to go to so I needed 2 more quilts, both for little girls. I wanted to find a pattern that was quick and easy but also show off printed fabric that is cute for babies/kids.

I found this Citrus & Mint quilt by Lindsay at Craft Buds, and I knew it would work perfectly!

Citrus & Mint: Quick & Easy Baby Quilt + Free Pattern | Craft Buds

If I haven't mentioned already, I don't really follow patterns. I actually used this as my inspiration, except I used 10" blocks and 3.5" HSTs on the ends...I'm all about bigger blocks and less sewing! The quilts ended up about 40" x 40" which I love because I can use one width of fabric as the backing! Yay for simplicity!

I found this cute owl fabric in my stash, so I matched it up with pinks and oranges:

Then I used this purple floral pattern and added some pinks and other purples for the second quilt.

Here the two quilts are together:

I love the way they came out!!! I gave the pink/orange one to Annie and purple/pink one to Tracy. I will definitely use this pattern again! I used my go-to my organic wavy lines for quilting because it is cute and easy. I used white Aurifil 50w thread for that.

The BEST part of making these is that I had to buy NOTHING at all. I sewed it all out of my stash. Woo hoo! :)

Until later, happy quilting!

Friday, March 31, 2017

9 Star Scrappy Baby Boy Quilt

I wanted to make a baby boy quilt for one of my friends that was having a baby and this one by V and Co. on Pinterest really inspired me.

I absolutely love those colors! Except...I have trouble with random! Scrappy is also not my forte. This is what I ended up with:

It was SO not flowing and very off balance. Excuse the bad lighting of my craft room! After much seam ripping, and seam ripping and seam ripping...and a couple months of staring at it on my design wall...

 I was finally happy with the quilt! I swear, I didn't think this would ever get done with this top!!! I decided to go with a 1.5" sashing between the blocks and no border. I have blocks random and them some of the center pieces are matching. It felt much more balanced though.

For quilting I just did some organic waves in Aurifil Grey #2605, but I spaced them pretty far apart so the quilt wouldn't be stiff. One day I'm going to be bravery and try some FMQ! I think this would looks really cool with the stars being quilted with a small design inside and then have an all over the rest of the quilt. Maybe I'll remake it one day!

I put some cute monster fabric on the back! What little boy wouldn't love this?

I'm very pleased with how it came out! I gifted it to my friend Kelly whose husband has been friends with mine for probably 20 years. They are expecting their first baby in June. She was really excited and loved the vibrant colors.

These are some of the shenanigans that were happening at my feet while I was trying to quilt it. That Chewie is so stinking cute!

Until later, happy quilting!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Solstice challenge block #2 and more of block #1

I think I'm becoming a little addicted. I decided to do Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge and I decided to do 2 different monochromatic sets of block #1 - in green and purple.

Here's block #2 - it's called "Day into Night". It finished at 12.5" too. I love these big blocks!

Pat Sloan Block 2 directions Solstice Challenge

Well...I saw block #2 and I decided I wanted to do a third set in blue! So here they are.

I'm thinking of a black/white set and maybe even more. I like the idea of doing only a couple blocks a week and ending up with multiple quilts in the end...especially since I am going to be getting a long arm machine in the Summer. Yay! Plus these are simple, but pretty blocks. I'm not really a fan of doing quilts with lots of tiny piecing so this is perfect. 

I really love using white in my makes them feel more modern and there is a good contrast with the colored fabrics.

I'm hoping to get my block #3 done tonight or tomorrow. 

Until later, happy sewing!

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Starting the Solstice Challenge!

I've never done a quilt along so I've decided to jump right on in and join Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge. She says we'll be making 25 blocks in 182 days.

Pat Sloan 182 day solstice challenge

I think I can handle that!

I have no idea what types of blocks she's going to come up with and I don't really have a stash of coordinating fabric, so I decided to go monochromatic. I am actually going to try and do set in greens and one set in purples, both with white backgrounds.

The first block she posted was a churn dash that finishes at 12.5".

Pat Sloan Block 1 Solstice Challenge

So here are the two that I made:

I think it's funny that I JUST made a giant churn dash dog quilt for Chewie last week. So this block was pretty easy! I used 3 Sizzix dies for this block - 4.5" square die, the 4.5" half square triangle die, and the 2.5" x 4.5" rectangle die. That made it go really fast. I love my Sizzix!!!

I'm really looking forward to having finished blocks to use on my new quilting machine that I'm hoping to have this summer!

Until later, happy sewing!

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Churn Dash Quilt for Chewie

We bought our Yorkie Chewie a dog bed from Costco, but he won't lay in without a towel in it (weirdo!). Plus the beach towel isn't terribly attractive! So I wanted to use some of my Christmas fabric up and make him a little quilt for his bed.

I decided to make one giant Churn Dash block. I used my 10" Sizzix square die (unfinished) for the block and trimmed them down to 9" before putting it together. Then I just put a 4" border around the edge. I was going to make an attempt at free motion quilting, but I chickened out and just did my usual wavy lines! The whole thing came out to 33" square.

It covers the bed pretty well. I'm hoping he will like it!

I think I might even do one like this again and 5 more for a big person quilt. I love the giant sized block!

Until later, happy sewing!

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