Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pi Mug Rug

We did a Secret Santa swap this year at my school for the teachers for the first time ever. The National Honor Society kids organized it and told me that I was gifting for my sweet math teacher friend. She is a crocheter so I knew she would love something crafty in addition to some chocolate treats.

So I found this adorable (and free!) Pi paper piecing pattern on Crafty from Stars & Sunshine. What math teacher wouldn't love a Pi mug rug???

This was actually my second paper piecing project and it's kinda got me hooked on pp! I chose purple because our school color is purple and I'm totally into grey as a neutral this year. Plus for a mug rug, I figured darker was better! I enlarged the pattern by 150% and ended up with a 6.5" mug rug.

Again, the picture is crappy because I was literally finishing the binding (by hand) the morning I had to give it to her!). So, I had to take it with my phone in my classroom (with bad lighting). I may or may not be a last minute crafter! :D

I'm happy to say that she loved it! I'll definitely be doing more paper piecing in 2018!

Until later, happy sewing!

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