Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pi Mug Rug

We did a Secret Santa swap this year at my school for the teachers for the first time ever. The National Honor Society kids organized it and told me that I was gifting for my sweet math teacher friend. She is a crocheter so I knew she would love something crafty in addition to some chocolate treats.

So I found this adorable (and free!) Pi paper piecing pattern on Crafty from Stars & Sunshine. What math teacher wouldn't love a Pi mug rug???

This was actually my second paper piecing project and it's kinda got me hooked on pp! I chose purple because our school color is purple and I'm totally into grey as a neutral this year. Plus for a mug rug, I figured darker was better! I enlarged the pattern by 150% and ended up with a 6.5" mug rug.

Again, the picture is crappy because I was literally finishing the binding (by hand) the morning I had to give it to her!). So, I had to take it with my phone in my classroom (with bad lighting). I may or may not be a last minute crafter! :D

I'm happy to say that she loved it! I'll definitely be doing more paper piecing in 2018!

Until later, happy sewing!

HMQG Swap Mini

In the late spring I signed up for a swap that my quilt guild was doing with another modern quilt guild. I was super excited...I had until the Sept 16th meeting to get it done. No problem!

Then life happened and the summer got crazy. My craft room was not really accessible and I quite frankly lost my sewing mojo so I kept putting it off. And off. But, I finally got it finished...on the morning of the meeting. I normally like to hand bind my mini quilts, but that was taking forever so I had to machine bind it. And then I ended up being an hour late to the meeting. Whoops! But I got it done though!

On her preference sheet, the lady I was making the mini for said she liked Christmas so I thought I would go in that direction. I found this adorable Patchwork Tree Quilt Block Tutorial from Amy at Diary of a quilter that I thought would be great for our modern quilt swap. So I ordered this super cute Red Dot...Green Dash... Moda charm pack.

I decided to add white sashing to mine to make it look a little cleaner and I used my go-to wavy line quilting. 

I think it came out adorable. Actually, I hated to give it away! I think I'll definitely have to make myself one in the future. The pictures definitely could have been better, but I was running so late that I literally took them using my phone on the table outside the guild meeting before I walked in to turn it in. 

Until later, happy sewing!

Tumbling Cats Mini Quilt

In May I was super excited to go on the bi-annual quilt retreat for my quilting guild. It was going to my first quilt retreat ever. Then we had some family issues, and at the last minute I couldn't go...I was super sad to miss it. But, I had been working on a mini quilt for the secret sister swap we were doing, so I was excited for her to get it.

She's a librarian and love cats. Easy to accommodate! So, I found a pattern called Cat Weave from The Sewing Chick and Tumbling Cats from Better off Thread, then I modified those a bit. The hardest part was trying to decide on the color. As the focal fabric, I chose Anna Maria Horner Starry Eyed and then I mixed it with some Kona Cotton solids.

I did some 1/4" quilting lines which were definitely a pain keeping straight! It made me wish I just stuck with my wavy lines.

Then I made her a book mug rug with cat fabric using Kate Basti's awesome (and free!) Tall Tales quilt block. It was my first paper piecing block EVER! Super fun! Plus I added a silverware holder that I've made a bunch of times before.

Then I threw in a bunch of goodies. 

I wish I would have gotten to give it to her in person, but she thanked me a bunch via pm and in person. It was definitely a fun project!

Until later, happy sewing!

Fernando the Turtle Block

I love turtles and I've been working on some animal block patterns using the flip and stitch method. I especially love the tortoises of the Galapagos Islands, so I came up with this guy that I called Fernando.

Here's my first test of the Fernando block. I think he came out pretty good!

The wavy lines came out great!

The thing I like most about this block is that it uses one solid piece for the shell so you can use a pretty print and keep it intact. I think the block was around 12". I'd check except I gave him to my mom! The funny part is that I finished the binding (by hand) on the bus during a field trip. Thankfully I didn't stab myself.

I'm hoping to whip up another Fernando soon and maybe even a whole quilt. We'll see!

Until later, happy sewing!