Friday, March 31, 2017

9 Star Scrappy Baby Boy Quilt

I wanted to make a baby boy quilt for one of my friends that was having a baby and this one by V and Co. on Pinterest really inspired me.

I absolutely love those colors! Except...I have trouble with random! Scrappy is also not my forte. This is what I ended up with:

It was SO not flowing and very off balance. Excuse the bad lighting of my craft room! After much seam ripping, and seam ripping and seam ripping...and a couple months of staring at it on my design wall...

 I was finally happy with the quilt! I swear, I didn't think this would ever get done with this top!!! I decided to go with a 1.5" sashing between the blocks and no border. I have blocks random and them some of the center pieces are matching. It felt much more balanced though.

For quilting I just did some organic waves in Aurifil Grey #2605, but I spaced them pretty far apart so the quilt wouldn't be stiff. One day I'm going to be bravery and try some FMQ! I think this would looks really cool with the stars being quilted with a small design inside and then have an all over the rest of the quilt. Maybe I'll remake it one day!

I put some cute monster fabric on the back! What little boy wouldn't love this?

I'm very pleased with how it came out! I gifted it to my friend Kelly whose husband has been friends with mine for probably 20 years. They are expecting their first baby in June. She was really excited and loved the vibrant colors.

These are some of the shenanigans that were happening at my feet while I was trying to quilt it. That Chewie is so stinking cute!

Until later, happy quilting!

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