Friday, January 6, 2017

Solstice challenge block #2 and more of block #1

I think I'm becoming a little addicted. I decided to do Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge and I decided to do 2 different monochromatic sets of block #1 - in green and purple.

Here's block #2 - it's called "Day into Night". It finished at 12.5" too. I love these big blocks!

Pat Sloan Block 2 directions Solstice Challenge

Well...I saw block #2 and I decided I wanted to do a third set in blue! So here they are.

I'm thinking of a black/white set and maybe even more. I like the idea of doing only a couple blocks a week and ending up with multiple quilts in the end...especially since I am going to be getting a long arm machine in the Summer. Yay! Plus these are simple, but pretty blocks. I'm not really a fan of doing quilts with lots of tiny piecing so this is perfect. 

I really love using white in my makes them feel more modern and there is a good contrast with the colored fabrics.

I'm hoping to get my block #3 done tonight or tomorrow. 

Until later, happy sewing!

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