Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Table Runner - 8 Pointed Floating Star

I'm excited to say that I finished a Christmas table runner for my own house! The last Christmas table runner I made was for my sister-in-law so she's enjoying it at her house now.

This was the first time that I've made an 8 pointed floating star and I have to say that it was really fun! I used my Sizzix Isosceles 4.5" Die to do this and it made it super easy!
Sizzix - Bigz Pro Die - Quilting - Triangles, Isosceles and Right 6.5 Inch Assembled
I didn't even realize that I could use this die to make such a star until a bunch of ladies in one of my FB groups were doing a mystery quilt and were making these pieces. So I was super jazzed when I realized I already had the die I needed! Each block came out 12" finished. I just ordered the 6.5" Isosceles die (to make 18" blocks) and I think I'm going to get the 3.5" die so I can make 9" blocks too. I also used my 4.5" square for the center and my 2.5" strip die for everything else. I love my Sizzix!

The first 2 blocks were slightly wonky but as I narrowed my seam allowance a bit, they came out much better. I originally put a 2.5" red boarder on each block but then cut the whole block to 15" so that red border ended up being only like 1" when it was finished. It barely fit our entertainment center! It could have used to be about 2-3 inches longer on either side to fit the edge. Oh well!

I'm really happy the way it came out! I love this star fabric. It's a Christmas fabric I've had for several years and I hate to use it because I like it so much. I almost went with green, but red felt more like Christmas. With all these colors you'd think it would be easy to find a color to match, but it turned out to be a little tougher than I though! I used a lot of organic wavy lines for my quilting. I did about 10 and realized I hadn't used spray basting or pinned enough so they were stretching the block out so I ripped them out and started over. One day I'm going to branch out, but I don't think I'm ready to start FMQ yet.

It's looking pretty festive in our living room now!

I can't wait until next week when I'm on Christmas break and I can get some sewing done! Yay!

Until later, happy sewing!

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  1. A very pretty table runner. Hope you get some good stitching time in next week.

  2. Oh I love this runner - the stars are gorgeous! I actually have some of the star fabric in my stash and have just worked our it's over 6 years old because I remember where I bought it when we lived in New Zealand ..... hmmm I think I really should use it!