Baby Boy Dino Quilt

My friend at work is having a baby, so I really wanted to make her something sweet for the shower coming up. I challenged myself to only use fabric out my stash.

I picked out this cute dino fabric since the baby is a boy, but the only fabrics I could find to pair with it were these 4 solids. I don't generally sew a lot with solids. Nothing against them...I just don't have a lot of experience with them. I have to admit it made me a little nervous.

I decided to use my Sizzix 4.5" tumbler die. I love that it cut quickly and sewed together quickly too!


It ended up about 39" square. I figured it would be good as a quilt or even a play mat.

For the back, I didn't have enough dino fabric left, so I used what I could and put some borders around it. I find that I do well with really wide borders around the edge that don't make it so obvious if the back isn't perfectly centered. 

I really like how the wavy organic lines like I used in my little sister's quilt accentuated the tumblers and helped to break up the solids.

I'm really pleased about how this came out, and I can't wait to give it to her! I will definitely try my hands at a solid quilt one day when I get through a little more of my stash!

Until later, happy sewing!

UPDATE: 5/28

Yesterday we had the baby shower, and my friend absolutely loved the quilt! I was so excited to give it to her all week...I was tempted to bring it in earlier in the week, but I held out. This morning she posted the sweetest Facebook post about it, saying how much she appreciated it. 

THIS is why we quilt! Just knowing how much this quilt will be loved is what keeps us giving our materials, our time, and our effort to make things for people we care about. I just wanted to share that! :)

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