Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baby quilt...DONE! Big sister quilt...started.

I knew I've taken a little break from blogging, but I didn't realize it was a whole 6 months! Wow...the time flies!

I'm an ADD crafter and honestly I've been obsessed with my new Silhouette Cameo for the past 6 months. Now that the thrill of that is worn off a little, I decided to do some sewing again.

I actually started planning this quilt in August because my friend Mary's baby was due in September. I last blogged about it when I finished the top in October here. It sat and sat for a while. My husband kept asking me when I was going to finish it since it was supposed to be a gift from us. I had a bunch of other projects I wanted to start, but I was good and buckled down and got it done (plus I didn't want him to give me any more crap about it!). So here it is:

I think it took me so long because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for the quilting part. It's not my strong suit, mainly because I just haven't practiced a lot. And of course I could have taken better pictures, but's done!

So the baby quilt is all ready to go, however I feel awkward giving the baby a gift to the baby and not something for the 5 year old sister, so I'm working on a quilt for her too. This is it so far:

I had to put this on hold though to work on a project for my little sister's birthday. I like how it's coming out so far though!

Until later, happy sewing!

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