Ironing Station

My ironing board has been annoying me lately. Not only is it one of the standard skinny ones, but it has recently developed a bulge so it isn't flat anymore. I thought about building something out of wood so I could have a nice wide top to iron a half yard of fabric at one time. I'm super handy and like building stuff in addition to sewing, however I wasn't feeling a woodworking project right now. 

When my husband and I were cleaning out the garage this past weekend, I realized I already had something that would work! I had this 2'x4' plastic folding table that had seen better days. It is one of those that you can adjust the height on, so I put it at the tallest setting, making it around 34". Perfect ironing height!!!

I added 2" foam and a bunch of layers of batting (including thermal batting you use for potholders) and topped it with some natural colored canvas I already had.

After contemplating how to sew this mass of stuff on on...I decided to strap it onto the table from underneath using an abundance of mitten clips and elastic I had been hoarding. Yay for using my craft stash!

Then I pulled out some Better Homes and Garden home decor fabric I also already had. 

And viola! An awesome new ironing station for around $15! I only had to buy the thermal batting and a little bit of cotton batting.

It is PERFECT and fits my IKEA rolling unit with flat drawers. Plus, I have room for my silhouette and a few bolts of interfacing on the sides inside the legs. I used it tonight to sew some burp cloth baby gifts for some coworkers, and it works great!

I can't wait to use it more!

Until later, happy sewing!